Wednesday, 1 November 2017

( 1 ) November is the month for EVERY PENSIONERS to give LIFE CERTIFICATE to bank or  Post Office from where he draws his/her Pension .  This can be done in the  home Bank Branch or Post Office from 1.11.17 to 30.11.17. If the pensioner failed to give LIFE CERTIFICATE,  then his/her  pension will be stopped from the next month.

Recently the Dept. of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance has issued orders on 18.2.13 that the Life Certificates can be given in any one of the branches of that bank. The RBI also said that If  the pensioner is unable to visit the bank a representative should visit the pensioners house or hospital to get the certificate.  

In the process of submission of Life Certificate RBI has clarified as follows:

“Is it compulsory for a pensioner to furnish a Life Certificate/Non-Employment Certificate or Employment Certificate to the bank in the month of November?”

“Yes. The pensioner is required to furnish a Life Certificate/Non–Employment Certificate or Employment Certificate to the bank in the month of November every year. However, in case a pensioner is unable to obtain a Life Certificate from an authorized bank officer on account of serious illness / incapacitation, the bank official will visit his/her residence/ hospital for the purpose of recording the life certificate.”

             ( 2 )  All DOT & BSNL Retired pensioners have to    give LIFE                     CERTIFICATE for free LAND LINE TELEPHONE facility they                     are availing . It has to be given to the concerned Commercial                    Officer of the area. If the life certificate is not submitted                              between    1st November to 30th November,  then monthly rent                  for the Land Line Phone will be collected from the pensioner.

The LIFE CERTIFICATE for the same is published here under.

BSNL has issued relaxation orders for the handicapped pensioners who cannot appear in person before Commercial Officers.  

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