Thursday, 21 September 2017

Today Smt.Sundari,  a 1996 DOT retiree has enrolled as life member in our association. She is unable to walk and her application was received at her residence by our DS.
Smt. Nirmala Ramamoorthy, a 1997 VRS enrolled as  life member today in our association. 
It gives immense pleasure to inform that on 09-09-17 in our association's formation day function, the under mentioned   8   Comrades of Coimbatore SSA  have enrolled as  life members in our association.

1. Com. S Selvakumar
2. Com. M Selvanayagam
3. Com. D Sekar
4. Com. A.M Palanisamy
5 Com.  K Uma
6 Com.  M Sarojini
7 Com.  A.Y Venkateswaran
8 Com.  C Lakshmanan
We welcome all comrades whole heartedly to our fold.
Total life member of our district branch is 626 now.

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