Friday, 26 May 2017

News From CHQ
BSNLELU in its website has told that there is no chance of getting wage revision under third PRC directions.
We understood the danger much earlier. Still some friends have illusion about PRC. PRC will not change its report and suggest any pension revision. Govt will not ask PRC to reopen the matter due to cascading repercussions.
We cannot depend upon wage revision in BSNL. With annulment of 60:40  condition we are 100% central Government  pensioners. Our pension should be revised without linking with profit or loss of BSNL .It should be by extension of the Finance ministry orders of 4.8.2016 and 12.5.2017 Give notional pay revision of  last pay drawn and refix the pension.
No illusion. No confusion. We are PSU retirees but central govt pensioners.

We demand CPC benefits now and all the time to come also.

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